The Nature Conservancy

Editorial Illustrations

Role: Illustrator
Agency: The Nature Conservancy
CD: Jennifer Winger



Environmentalist organization, The Nature Conservancy (TNC), contacted me to contribute illustrations to their feature on the work they are doing to restore Long Leaf Pine (LLP) forests in the Southeastern United States. The feature highlighted the trees themselves, the role they play in their surrounding ecosystems, and the subsiquent impact that their dwindling numbers are having upon their local environments.

Creative Direction

The creative direction for the project aimed to treat the subject matter in a manner characteristic of old field guides while also leaning on a line engraved aesthetic to bring an added sense of refinement to the illustrations.

Animal Portraits

Several plants and animals of LLP forests were also featured. These were composed as character portraits with the intent of portraying them as key characters in the broader LLP story.

Long Leaf Pine Life Cycle

1. Pine Cone; 2. Grass Stage; 3. Bottle Brush; 4. Sapling; 5. Mature Tree

LLP Forest Map

A map was also produced to show the extent to which LLP forests have diminished and to highlight the various restoration projects that TNC has undertaken as part of America’s Longleaf Pine Restoration Initiative.  Each project was given its own unique illustrative symbol and corresponding color for placement on the map.

Thanks again to Jennifer Winger, Lisa Speckhardt, and Katie Lesser, for all of the great direction and to The Nature Conservancy for trusting me with such a special project.

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