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VISION       In 2014, I opened up shop under the name Yondr Studio with the purpose of creating a space where art and design could coincide. By taking this approach I aim to provide my clients with work that not only gets the job done but does so while also telling a meaningful story about the purposeful care and discipline that went into its creation.

STUDIO       All work is created out of my home studio in Edmonds, Washington, just north of Seattle. With the Cascade and Olympic Mountain ranges looming to the east and west, I don’t have to go far for inspiration. Not to mention, my go-to art supply store and donut shop are only a short walk away. It’s a great place to live and work.
       Yondr Studio is shared by my lovely wife, Katherine; an elementary school teacher, artist, and the mother to our son, Arthur. Katherine enjoys creating watercolors and sewing children’s clothes when not re-reading the entire Harry Potter series for the n’teenth time over.

PHILOSOPHY       I believe our best work happens when we are serving and giving expression to something greater than ourselves. This union of service and expression gets to the heart of what illustration is all about. It is beauty and utility; art and design; working hand in hand to both inspire us and call us to action towards a worthy cause.
       Through my work, I hope to share with others in the beauty of creation and the joys of this life while also partnering with my clients in finding compelling solutions to their creative needs.
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PROCESS         A hand drawn approach is taken to all work that I create for my clients. To allow for quick and easy revisions, while in the early stages of the creative process, nearly all sketches are made in a digital format on my Wacom Cintiq tablet. That said, nearly all final artwork that I render for my clients is still made using traditional mediums before being scanned and converted to a digital format. This workflow allows me to provide my clients with a product that has been drawn from time-honored, traditional, techniques while simultaneously keeping time with the fast pace nature of our day. Continue reading ︎


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