Texas A&M Foundation

Responsive logo design for Texas A&M Foundation

CD: Brooke Perry
Role: Illustrator & Designer


Texas A&M Foundation enlisted Yondr Studio to develop responsive logo designs for three of their donor programs; Legacy Society, Heritage Membership, and their Sterling C. Evans Medal.

Legacy Society

The crest for Legacy Society is built around the iconic neoclassical columns of the university's Jack K. Williams Administration Building. 

This imagery was chosen to reflect the society’s members as Texas A&M University’s pillars of support. The crest’s 12 stars echo those encircling the university’s seal, and its ornate outer ring mirrors the detail featured in the moulding just above the building’s columns.

Initial Sketches

Refined Sketch

Final Artwork


Given the highly ornamental nature of the primary crest, a secondary, simplified, version was developed for use at small scale.

Crest Family

The style established for the Legacy Society crest was then applied in the execution of both the Heritage Member and Sterling C. Evans Medal. Given that the Sterling C. Evans Medal is typically seen and presented in a tangible cast bronze form, this crest received comparably little ornamentation to avoid too great a departure from its real-world counterpart. 

Heritage Member

Legacy Society

Sterling C. Evans Medal

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