Duckhorn Wine Company

Logomark for Duckhorn Wine Company.

Role: Illustrator
CD: Kirk Stanford—Gravity Creative


In 2018, Yondr Studio was approached by Gravity Creative, in Seattle, Washington, to create a logomark for their client, Duckhorn Wine Company, in Saint Helena, California. It was a pleasure working with Gravity to expand upon the already amazing work that they had started.

The objective was to create a mark that would be; 1. functional—from a graphical standpoint; 2. beautiful—honoring of the birds representative of the brand; and 3. classic in nature—pulling inspiration from the earliest graphic art form, engraving.


A drake mallard was chosen by Gravity Creative as the subject of the mark. From there, we worked together to refine and build upon the composition that had already been presented to the client prior to my involvement. Once composition was established, the remaining challenge lay in rendering the complexities of the wings in such a way that honored the natural beauty of the bird without become too busy.

Preliminary Sketches:

Exploration of chosen direction:

Final Artwork:
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