Bee & Bloom

Branding for pollination educators in Portland, OR

CD: Jordan Egstad
Photos: Michael Campa


Yondr Studio was approached by a couple of friends to help brand their pollination education and advocacy project, Bee and Bloom. Their mission was (and still is) to promote native bee conservation and sustainable, bee-centric beekeeping through hands-on workshops and ecotourism experiences at their pollinator sanctuary on Sauvie Island near Portland, Oregon. The objective was to visually communicate the symbiotic relationship between bees and plants while also hinting at the personalities behind the project.


This was achieved by creating a logo system that was down to earth and to the point. The logomark combined the image of a bee and a flower into one unifying mark so as to visually represent their codependant relationship. Similarly, a logotype was created in which the two B’s present in the name were treated in a similar, yet unique manner, thus communicating the relationship between the two founding partners of the project. Collectively, these elements serve to visually tell the story of Bee and Bloom.

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