Brand illustrations for Anolon Cookware

Role: Illustrator
Agency: Illuminator
CD: Chris Szadkowski


Yondr Studio was invited by Illuminator (SF/LA) to contribute to their beautiful rebrand of cookware company, Anolon. The task assigned to me was that of illustrating various features and considerations associated with a range of Anolon’s products.


The objective was to clearly illustrate these various ideas in a way reminiscent of classic cook books so as to lend further authority and a greater sense of refinement to the overall brand. And what better way of evoking a sense of the old ways than using the old ways themselves? Each of the illustrations were completed on paper with only minor touch ups being made on the computer.


Initial Sketch
Rendering exclusively in line-work is a timely process. Therefore, to allow for faster establishment of subject matter and composition, each illustration begins as a tonal pencil sketch. 

In this case, after presenting the initial sketch, it was determined that a more traditional type of dishwasher was appropriate. Composition now being established, line-work began to be considered.

Final Artwork
Once the sketch was approved, final artwork was then produced on paper using pen and ink before finally being scanned into the computer, retouched, and vectorized.

Final Artwork

Thanks again to the kind folks at Illuminator.

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