Illustration commemorating the birth of the U.S.

OBJECTIVE       In celebration of July 4th, I wanted to create an illustrative, typographic, lockup in the spirit of 19th century Americana. At that time, much of what was seen in print was first drawn in pen and ink before being etched into copper or engraved into wood for reproduction. My goal was to capture the spirit of that time in history by reflecting the symbolism and processes used by artist of that day in their work.
SOLUTION         An eagle carrying a banner reading “independence” was used to symbolize the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation while thirteen stars bursting from a centralized cloud were used to symbolize the original thirteen U.S. colonies and the conflict through which independence was gained. E Pluribus Unum serves as the concluding element of the design to communicate that out of the many who fought for independence, one unified nation was built.
The final illustration was created using a fountain pen on paper, 4x4.”