Nathan Yoder

Illustrator, Designer

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I think we’ve all been given some sort of gift to share with the world and that can only be done when we’re expressing our true selves. I think we’re all artists in our own right and that we should all be working to bring our unique contribution to our sphere of influence. That being said, I don’t think we were ever meant to attract the attention and approving glances of everyone. We’re most effective when we stop worrying about what others are doing and start focusing on what we love. It’s not about where we're going, it’s about the journey.

I'm an artist pursuing what I love and I hope that in the doing so I can inspire others to do the same.

Yondr Studio is the ever moving studio of Nathan Yoder currently located in Seattle, WA. An Oklahoma native, Nathan specializes in traditional forms of illustration as well as typography and dad puns. For inquiries and donations towards rent, feel free to contact him at the email listed above.

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Japanese Gulch Runners

Logo and T-shirt design for a running club in Mukilteo, Washington.

The group primarily runs a web of trails in an area known as Japanese Gulch which is also very close to a beach and ferry terminal. The objective of the design was to capture this area and the spirit of running in one cohesive design. My solution to this was to create a simplified landscape featuring key elements of the area and a running trail weaved into the shape of a running shoe.