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Illustrator, Designer

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I believe our best work happens when we are serving and giving expression to something greater than ourselves. This union of service and expression gets to the heart of what illustration is all about. It is beauty and utility, art and design, working hand in hand to both inspire us and call us to action towards a worthy cause.

Through my work, I hope to share with others in the beauty of creation and the joys of this life while also partnering with my clients in finding compelling solutions to their creative needs.

Yondr Studio is the illustration and design studio of Nathan Yoder, located in Edmonds, WA, just north of Seattle. He is a multidisciplinary illustrator with 8 years experience within the trades of pen and ink—as well as digital—illustration, hand lettering, and branding.

Past clients include PepsiCo, MillerCoors, Nike, REI, Dakine, Converse, Random House Publishing, Abrams Books, Car and Driver Magazine, and Field and Stream Magazine.

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Golly’s Folly

Title design for Golly’s Folly, a children’s book written by Eleazar and Rebekah Ruiz and illustrated by Rommel Ruiz.

In the story, the main character – the son of a king – struggles to fulfill his desires with stuff. With this in mind, the objective was to create a title which would reflect the this character’s struggle and the era in which the story was set. And so ligatures and swashes were used to give tension and decoration to the title while soft curves and rounded edges helped to take the edge off of a mediaeval lettering style.

Story by Eleazar and Rebekah Ruiz | Illustration by Rommel Ruiz

Story by Eleazar and Rebekah Ruiz | Illustration by Rommel Ruiz

Story by Eleazar and Rebekah Ruiz | Illustration by Rommel Ruiz

Early concept

Early concept

Initial sketch of chosen direction

Stacked orientation

Horizontal Orientation